Top 10 Gifts for Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Anupama Nair
4 min readFeb 7, 2020


We’ve all been there. Trying to pick a gift that your guy is sure to love, is next to impossible. Next to… but not impossible, we say. So we’ve put together a list of gifts that your beau will love to love!

Some of these gifts are pretty straightforward & may have already made your list but if you keep scrolling, you’ll find some that are off-beat but entirely too awesome to miss out on!

Happy Shopping Girls!

1. AirPods Pro

Now, this may be a tad heavy on the purse strings but ladies, it’ll be music to his ears when he finds out you got him the brand new Airpods Pro.
This little pair of earbuds have got it all! From noise cancellation to wireless charging.

Image Credits: Apple Inc

2. Nintendo Switch

Gaming hasn’t gotten old! And this console is a winner! This is one item that was on my Valentine’s list too. The Switch comes in two variants, the full “Nintendo Switch” which can be used in both docked as well as hand-held & a hand-held only version, the “Switch Lite”.
Whatever your pick, your boy is bound to enjoy this. What’s more, you could get yourself a set & join in on all the fun!


3. Speaker Shower-Head with Alexa

Yup! Someone came up with the ultimate combination! Okay, not someone, it was Kohler! The American company recently launched their brand new showerhead, fitted with a high-quality speaker that works with Amazon’s Alexa. This showerhead can keep him grooving as he takes his long showers, every day!

Credits: Kohler (CES 2020)

4. Kai Gesture Controller

Here’s a device that can make any game a “gesture-controlled game”. It’s a simple band that you wear on your wrist, connect it via Bluetooth to your computer & get going.
And it can do more than just gaming. Play around more realistically in the VR world, 3-D Designing, Presentation controller, Drone & Robot controls & so on! You can get to know the product on their website.

Credits: Vicara

5. Games

Now, this is a no-brainer. Be it an X-Box game or a Switch Game, you can’t go wrong with this one. If You’re not sure what games he likes, maybe ask his friends & pick one up.

Or if you just bought him a Nintendo Switch from this list, you could get games like Smash Bros or Mario Kart!


6. A Socks Subscription

There’s no such thing as too many pairs of socks! That’s right! You can get your man a subscription with sock club & they’ll send him a box of socks every month!

They have some fun designs & the classic plaid & checkers too!


7. Steam Gift Card

If you know your boy spends most of his time on Steam, then there’s no better way to go. Grab a steam gift card & send it his way so he can splurge on the games of his choice.

They come in 20, 50 & 100 Dollar variants. The more the merrier, we say!

Credits: Steam

8. Dollar Shave Club

Vanity isn’t just for women! Dollar Shave Club is a unique subscription box that sends home “shower & shave” products every month. You could pick a favourite & start the subscription or you could choose one of their starter packages so your bae can try them out, choose the ones he likes best & then start his subscription plan.

Credits: Dollar Shave Club

9. Fragrances for men

Smelling nice can never be compromised on. Take a quick stroll down to your nearest store or grab one of your all-time favourites, cuz let’s be real, you’re gonna be smellin’ it the most.


10. Xbox Series X

This one’s last on the list ‘cuz it’s not out yet. But we just had to include it because, man, what a beauty! If your beau doesn’t have a full gaming console at home or even if he has one, get him one of these and he’s sorted.

Credits: Xbox

And that’s a wrap guys! Shop till you drop & let us know how it went!

Happy Valentine’s Day All!